The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

The Life and Times of Feffu-cat

I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...

Go me.

As of July 2011, I'm a member of Para-Denver, the Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver, ghost investigators extraordinaire. :)

I adore anything and everything Joan Blondell (the bombshell in my default avatar) and I plan to get a portrait of her on my left arm soon. Just deciding on which tattoo artist to go with and having my artist pal draw me up the picture I want.

I play a fair amount of video games. I dig the Resident Evil games, even the crap-ass first-person ones. I'm a pretty big Final Fantasy fan as well. I have the Umbrella logo on the inside of my right arm and Carbuncle from FF VIII on my left calf. Video game tattoos FTW. All I need is the FOXHOUND logo. On that note, I used to have the better part of Metal Gear Solid memorized, and would act out various scenes with my cousin, Matt. (Sniper Wolf's death was a favorite of mine. I took an unhealthy amount of pride in my accent. Can't have been any good, though, as Matt would finish me off before I could get out more than a couple of lines.)
Writing is my passion. I think I'm pretty good at it, too. Here's hoping. Everything I see or experience, I can't help but try to work it into a story. It's a blessing and a curse. I'm highly observant and that's good, but I'm also unable to just let an experience be precisely that: an experience.
Plus, I'm totally gonna have to go into the witness protection program when my movies go mainstream. Pssh, it's not my fault I caught you being a dick and decided, "Hey, I think I'll write a story about a dick and make them a lot like you, but change their name." HAHAHAHA......Kind of.

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