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The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

Ghost hunt(s) at Feffu's!

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joan blondell
I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...
Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver (of which I am a member)

Ghost hunt(s) at Feffu's!

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Wanna play?, Advent Children Loz
Since summertime is the most active time for the ghosts in my house, our group decided to do an investigation a couple of weeks ago. It was just me, Jimbo, and April. That's THE GROUP, as far as I'm concerned. I want nothing to do with that Josh dude that Jimbo is friends with. He can whine and be passive aggressive and bitch behind my back because I'm pretty sure he's seen this journal... Or he can come find me. That works too.
It's so hot upstairs (97-100 degrees, according to the nifty laser thermometer) we decided to hang out downstairs until dark. We played Mortal Kombat. I totally whooped ass. We also got Slurpies and nachos and April took a picture of me where I look totally baked, carrying my nachos across the living room. XD
We put one of the audio recorders in the downstairs bedroom that belongs to Lardo the Wonder Cat to just record while we were upstairs doing EVP. Jimbo taunted, like he usually does. I still haven't heard his audio from that first session because my recorder was the one in the bedroom downstairs. My flashlight turned itself on at one point and we couldn't recreate the effect.
Then we went downstairs to do EVP in that room, dubbed "The Cat Room" by Jimbo. Didn't get anything down there that we couldn't be sure wasn't caused my something else.
Went back upstairs after that to do a second EVP session. Jimbo really taunted during that one, and we used both his recorder and mine, and had both our EMF detectors on, too. Seemed like there was something right between me and April on the bed for a few minutes. Or was that during the second hunt...? Anyhoo...
We got some interesting stuff on the audio recorders.
Got a voice saying, "God" on my recorder. That one's damn clear.
At one point, Jimbo's saying he thinks someone may have moved one of my action figures, and then April says, "Can you knock something over?" and it sounds (to me) like a voice saying, "Heavy."
Then there's one where we think Jimbo gets called out for his taunting. There's a voice that sounds like it might be saying, "Hey, motherfucker."
We also got a smacking sound near that point, too, and something after it that could be "shut up."
Also got my boob grabbed in bed. O_O Hardcore. This was not a light touch. This was a full-on HONK.
Second hunt turned up a growl and "I hate you."
I haven't gone over my recorder yet, though. Who knows what I got. ^_____^
Doing a third hunt on Wednesday!

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