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The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

No documentation of paranormal activity, just some questionable personal experiences. Le sigh.

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joan blondell
I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...
Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver (of which I am a member)

No documentation of paranormal activity, just some questionable personal experiences. Le sigh.

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joan blondell
I think I may have spoken to someone, though, in a semi-lucid dream. Skinny, pale redhead named Rebecca who I remember being very close to my face while I was dreaming. As soon as I asked her if she was the one who had called me a murderer, she didn't want to talk anymore. Then I woke up cold. Arg. So who knows. Could've been someone trying to communicate with me, could be that this has all been on the brain lately to the point that it's invading my dreams.
Had an absolutely AWESOME totally not paranormal dream this morning. It was Gundam Wing related. Sometime after the series some plot had been hatched to assassinate Relena at her wedding (not sure who she was going to marry) and the Preventers decided that because Duo had long hair, he should pose as a decoy. This strikes me as hilarious. Somewhere between Duo trying on the veil (and being really okay with it...) and the rest of the story unfolding, it became me in the veil and I was trying to lift it from my eyes. It had more layers than I was expecting and I couldn't see through it.
Yeah, I can pretty much see the symbolism there.
Anyhow, for the paranormal project that my house has become, someone woke me up at 7:41 AM on Saturday and instead of being paralyzed this time, I could move. But as soon as I turned my head to get a look, they were gone. So I don't think it was Michael. Doubt he'd have been scared off like that. He's a little more forward than that. It's funny, right before that happened, I dreamt I was looking at a picture of a woman in the distance in this room - an old black and white photo of some woman - and I could hear two women talking the background about "what happened to Mrs. Smith's daughter." O_O
Again, could just be that all the paranormal stuff on the brain has seeped into my dreams.
My own movement triggered my IR camera at 7:41 but that's all that was caught. I'd spooked off whatever was behind me by then. Damn it. I will catch him, her, them - whatever - on film someday.
...And not just myself sleeping like an out-and-out weirdo.
Did a quick EVP session tonight and didn't hear anything. I'll give it another listen on the laptop with my headphones and the volume cranked and see if I catch anything.
I also did some research into the previous owners of the house at the Denver Library website. The house had five different owners within the first five years, from 1941 - 1947. Yes, I know that's six years. But the house wasn't built until '42. One couple wasn't even here for a year. Makes one wonder why they left so fast...
Too bad I can't post my I-sleep-like-a-weirdo video straight here without uploading it somewhere else first.
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