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The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

Productivity FTW

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joan blondell
I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...
Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver (of which I am a member)

Productivity FTW

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It's funny, when I'm on break at work, people notice me writing in my journal thingie and just assume I'm being productive. If they only knew...

If a translation is needed, and it likely is, because my handwriting it utter shit, here:
I need to see my stats in real time. I want to know where I am right now. If I was @ 6.5 when I was doing horribly...
I want to know if I can leave early at any point and still pull acceptable numbers for the month, basically.
So, 30 days in a month...(
with an "s" scribbled out and a "LOL" to draw further attention to my folly)
Is it simply an average - then all I'd need is to work the busiest times of day. Avoid 4 - 5 like the plague. And because I don't like being at work. At all. Yup.
Come on, Para-Denver. Let's get it goin'. We got fame to capture, y'all. <-- Wow. Random use of the word y'all. Is y'all a word? Is it a contraction, since it has an apostrophe and is the mushing together of two other words?
I smell food.

So, there you have it. That's the novel everyone at work seems to think I'm hard at work on. It's actually me complaining about my productivity not being up to par and trying to figure out a way around that, rather than genuinely work to improve my statistics.

Got my IR camera today. Just need to plug it in to the TV and do the initial set up (hahahaha, like it's gonna be that simple for me) and maybe I can catch me a groper ghost on film.
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