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The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

I'd said I'd report back with more screens...

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joan blondell
I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...
Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver (of which I am a member)

I'd said I'd report back with more screens...

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joan blondell
And I have, because when it comes to stuff that doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty good at keeping my word.
When last I blogged, I said I'd have more screens to show off the rest of the Here Come the Brides cast, namely Bobby Sherman and Robert Brown.
So, Robert Brown, AKA Jason Bolt:

Annnnd, below we have Bobby Sherman, AKA Jeremy Bolt. He's the smirky hot guy on the left, of course. XD

We also have smirky sexy (uncharacteristically, on the smirky part) Jeremy's girl, Bridget Hanley/Candy, who has maybe the most perfect facial structure ever <3:

And again, I offer a bonus, in the form of a shot where it looks like Clancey is groping Joshua. <3 Er, I mean XD. No wait, I mean T_T. No, scratch those last two emotes. I was right the first time.

Oh, and I watched one of my Joan Blondell movies, Gold Diggers of 1933. She had a decent role in the movie, yet I wish she'd been on screen more. She didn't often get the lead in movies, but I agree completely with the sentiment that she steals the scene every time. Probably why I wish she'd been in even more scenes. ^__^ Will cap that as well.
I better enjoy all the movies and whatnot that I already own, I tell you  that, because I got my bank statement today and I'm about $600 over-budget for the month. O_O Combination of Daisy's vet bills and my own medical expenses of late. And the neurologist wants me to have more stuff done. Another EEG, but this time I have to be sleep-deprived so I'll fall asleep during the test and they can check and see if my sleepy brain is fucked up or not. (The other night I woke up punching the wall and talking to myself again, so I'm gonna say YES, IT IS.) He also wants a nerve test of some sort, for my right arm and left leg, because I've had numbness in my fingers and toes on occasion.
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