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The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

The Life and Times of Feffu-cat

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joan blondell
I'd tell you, but big brother's watching...
Paranormal Activity Research Association of Denver (of which I am a member)



June 25th, 2012

Ghost hunt(s) at Feffu's!

Wanna play?, Advent Children Loz
Since summertime is the most active time for the ghosts in my house, our group decided to do an investigation a couple of weeks ago. It was just me, Jimbo, and April. That's THE GROUP, as far as I'm concerned. I want nothing to do with that Josh dude that Jimbo is friends with. He can whine and be passive aggressive and bitch behind my back because I'm pretty sure he's seen this journal... Or he can come find me. That works too.
It's so hot upstairs (97-100 degrees, according to the nifty laser thermometer) we decided to hang out downstairs until dark. We played Mortal Kombat. I totally whooped ass. We also got Slurpies and nachos and April took a picture of me where I look totally baked, carrying my nachos across the living room. XD
We put one of the audio recorders in the downstairs bedroom that belongs to Lardo the Wonder Cat to just record while we were upstairs doing EVP. Jimbo taunted, like he usually does. I still haven't heard his audio from that first session because my recorder was the one in the bedroom downstairs. My flashlight turned itself on at one point and we couldn't recreate the effect.
Then we went downstairs to do EVP in that room, dubbed "The Cat Room" by Jimbo. Didn't get anything down there that we couldn't be sure wasn't caused my something else.
Went back upstairs after that to do a second EVP session. Jimbo really taunted during that one, and we used both his recorder and mine, and had both our EMF detectors on, too. Seemed like there was something right between me and April on the bed for a few minutes. Or was that during the second hunt...? Anyhoo...
We got some interesting stuff on the audio recorders.
Got a voice saying, "God" on my recorder. That one's damn clear.
At one point, Jimbo's saying he thinks someone may have moved one of my action figures, and then April says, "Can you knock something over?" and it sounds (to me) like a voice saying, "Heavy."
Then there's one where we think Jimbo gets called out for his taunting. There's a voice that sounds like it might be saying, "Hey, motherfucker."
We also got a smacking sound near that point, too, and something after it that could be "shut up."
Also got my boob grabbed in bed. O_O Hardcore. This was not a light touch. This was a full-on HONK.
Second hunt turned up a growl and "I hate you."
I haven't gone over my recorder yet, though. Who knows what I got. ^_____^
Doing a third hunt on Wednesday!

August 7th, 2011

I think I may have spoken to someone, though, in a semi-lucid dream. Skinny, pale redhead named Rebecca who I remember being very close to my face while I was dreaming. As soon as I asked her if she was the one who had called me a murderer, she didn't want to talk anymore. Then I woke up cold. Arg. So who knows. Could've been someone trying to communicate with me, could be that this has all been on the brain lately to the point that it's invading my dreams.
Had an absolutely AWESOME totally not paranormal dream this morning. It was Gundam Wing related. Sometime after the series some plot had been hatched to assassinate Relena at her wedding (not sure who she was going to marry) and the Preventers decided that because Duo had long hair, he should pose as a decoy. This strikes me as hilarious. Somewhere between Duo trying on the veil (and being really okay with it...) and the rest of the story unfolding, it became me in the veil and I was trying to lift it from my eyes. It had more layers than I was expecting and I couldn't see through it.
Yeah, I can pretty much see the symbolism there.
Anyhow, for the paranormal project that my house has become, someone woke me up at 7:41 AM on Saturday and instead of being paralyzed this time, I could move. But as soon as I turned my head to get a look, they were gone. So I don't think it was Michael. Doubt he'd have been scared off like that. He's a little more forward than that. It's funny, right before that happened, I dreamt I was looking at a picture of a woman in the distance in this room - an old black and white photo of some woman - and I could hear two women talking the background about "what happened to Mrs. Smith's daughter." O_O
Again, could just be that all the paranormal stuff on the brain has seeped into my dreams.
My own movement triggered my IR camera at 7:41 but that's all that was caught. I'd spooked off whatever was behind me by then. Damn it. I will catch him, her, them - whatever - on film someday.
...And not just myself sleeping like an out-and-out weirdo.
Did a quick EVP session tonight and didn't hear anything. I'll give it another listen on the laptop with my headphones and the volume cranked and see if I catch anything.
I also did some research into the previous owners of the house at the Denver Library website. The house had five different owners within the first five years, from 1941 - 1947. Yes, I know that's six years. But the house wasn't built until '42. One couple wasn't even here for a year. Makes one wonder why they left so fast...
Too bad I can't post my I-sleep-like-a-weirdo video straight here without uploading it somewhere else first.

July 25th, 2011

I'm sure everyone'll recognize that fine writing as mine, especially after the treat I gave you all y'all in the entry below.

Productivity FTW

It's funny, when I'm on break at work, people notice me writing in my journal thingie and just assume I'm being productive. If they only knew...

If a translation is needed, and it likely is, because my handwriting it utter shit, here:
I need to see my stats in real time. I want to know where I am right now. If I was @ 6.5 when I was doing horribly...
I want to know if I can leave early at any point and still pull acceptable numbers for the month, basically.
So, 30 days in a month...(
with an "s" scribbled out and a "LOL" to draw further attention to my folly)
Is it simply an average - then all I'd need is to work the busiest times of day. Avoid 4 - 5 like the plague. And because I don't like being at work. At all. Yup.
Come on, Para-Denver. Let's get it goin'. We got fame to capture, y'all. <-- Wow. Random use of the word y'all. Is y'all a word? Is it a contraction, since it has an apostrophe and is the mushing together of two other words?
I smell food.

So, there you have it. That's the novel everyone at work seems to think I'm hard at work on. It's actually me complaining about my productivity not being up to par and trying to figure out a way around that, rather than genuinely work to improve my statistics.

Got my IR camera today. Just need to plug it in to the TV and do the initial set up (hahahaha, like it's gonna be that simple for me) and maybe I can catch me a groper ghost on film.

July 23rd, 2011

So, last time I blogged I talked about the episode with the ghost spooning me, grabbing my butt and all that. Well, I don't know if it was "Michael" or not, but the other morning, someone woke me up, grabbed onto the back of my head and whispered, "Murderer" in my ear. O_O
I couldn't move at all during this, either. Or talk. Because I wanted to be like, "Uh, hell no. I didn't kill nobody, thank you very much."
Not sure who I set off, who they think I am, or who they think I killed. (Them?) I don't know if it's my new haircut that makes me look like someone the spirits know from the past or if it's that I just got this awesome pink cowgirl cap gun up in Estes Park and kept pulling it on Pandora and shouting, "Draw!" and firing on her.
I didn't REALLY kill the cat, geez. She's still running around here, causing trouble, like usual.
And speaking of the paranormal, like our paranormal investigation group on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paranormal-Activity-Research-Association-of-Denver/145721278836832
Or you can follow us on blogspot: http://para-d.blogspot.com/
Undecided on whether we'll start a livejournal comm or not.
Accepting clients and potential members. Message me here or on facebook if interested. :)

July 11th, 2011

So I wake up with chills this morning. It's been happening a lot lately. I sleep in an attic. It's July. I have a thermometer up there. It's between 80 and 90 degrees in the summer up there. So yeah, probably not normal to be waking up shivering. It's gone within a few seconds and the room is hot as hell again. A week or so ago, when I woke up cold I just knew someone was behind me, touching me. I said, "I know you're there," and turned my head to see if there was actually anyone visible but it was gone - cold and all - as soon as I could turn and look.
So today.
Wake up cold, realize there's someone in bed with me, spooning me. Whoever it is pinches my ass twice.
I say, "You can't do that" and a man's voice responds, "Why not?"
I'm still fuzzy so I say, "Because I don't know your name."
And he says, "I think it's Michael," as I'm trying to get a look at him.
Couldn't make out any distinct features. Just a human shaped figure whose face (...ish) was over mine by this point.
He was fading by then but I wanted more answers. I couldn't really talk to ask him anything else because I swear he was trying to kiss me, too. O_O

So I guess the ghost in the attic's name is Michael (maybe - he thinks it is, anyway) and I think it's pretty safe to assume he likes me.
I got my digital recorder from Amazon and it seems pretty easy to use, so I'm gonna have to have me a little EVP session with Michael soon...

June 26th, 2011

Because there's shit I wanna buy. Specifically, ghost hunting shit. A few friends and I are trying to get together a group and I definitely want to have my own equipment. So I'm gonna need to get a digital audio recorder (relatively cheap, from what I've seen on Amazon) and an EMF detector (not as expensive as I expected) for starters. My friend, Jimbo, whose actually done this stuff before, already has a lot of equipment, so yay.
And thanks to a coworker who knows the manager of a haunted restaurant, we may have somewhere to investigate.
So...my mom, dad, and my grandma on my dad's side (nice, loopy-but-still-crazy granny) went up to Golden for the Saturday before Father's Day. Ate lunch, took the drive up Lookout Mountain because my mom and dad were arguing over the name of one of the restaurants near the top, got some Starbucks, and my grandma asked how mountains are formed, oh, about FIFTY times.
She's gotten seriously forgetful over the years. Like reeeealy forgetful.
Oh, and she doesn't like it when men wear shorts or women wear ties. LMAO. Because a man came into the restaurant in shorts and she just would not let it go. She couldn't remember what salsa was - she seriously asked about it like, eight times during the meal - but the man in his shorts is seared into her memory, I swear. No, actually. I think he was new to her too, every time she asked about him.
My grandma: Tristan, look at that man. Look at them shorts. Look how he sits like that. He looks like he's asking for something!
Me: ...Okay.
Yes, if I'm understanding this right, all men who wear shorts are gigolos. According to my Grandma Irene, anyway.
My dad: She does this all the time. Men in shorts and women in ties. She gets mad at the lady at the counter at Country Buffet because she wears a tie.
My grandma: We're not at Country Buffet.
My dad: I know we're not at Country Buffet. We're in Golden.
My grandma: Have I been here before?
My dad: Yes.
My grandma: Where is this?
My dad: Golden. We're in Golden.
My grandma: What is this?
My dad: It's salsa.
My grandma: It's what?
My dad: Salsa.
My grandma: What's that?
Me: Sauce...with tomatoes and onion and spices and stuff...
My dad: Eat it. Dip your chip in it and eat it.
My grandma: It's good.
My dad: That's wonderful.
My grandma: What is this stuff?
My dad: I told you, it's salsa.
My grandma: Look at that man over there...
...Yeah. XD
Then we hit Starbucks...where my grandma, A) was convinced we had another person with us and had lost her, and B) decided she was going to do something about them damn mountains once and for all.
My grandma: What created them mountains?
My mom: Earthquakes.
My grandma: Right, right. Earthquakes.
My grandma: What caused the mountains?
My dad: You just asked that. Earthquakes.
My grandma: Where did the mountains come from?
My dad: Earthquakes. The mountains were created by earthquakes.
My grandma: Where's the other woman?
Me: ...What?
My grandma: The woman that was with us today.
Me: We're all here...
My grandma: Where's the other lady at?
My dad: Mother, you are losing your mind. Nobody else came with us today. You, me, Carla, and Tristan. Drink your coffee. And the mountains were formed by earthquakes.
My grandma: Yup. Earthquakes.
My grandma: I'm gonna take that mountain down.
Me: (bursting into laughter)
My mom: (trying not to burst into laughter)
My dad: What? How?
My grandma: With a shovel.
My dad: You're gonna shovel down a mountain?
My grandma: Yup.
My dad: I have a shovel in the truck. How 'bout I leave you up there and come back to check on you in about a year and see how you're doing?
My grandma: Okay.

Well, my Ghost Adventures episode is done loading, so I am off to drool over Zak Bagans and scare myself before going to bed. :)

May 27th, 2011

"Seizure activity"

That's what came of the second EEG I had. My neurologist is awesome, though. I heart him. He broke the news to me with a sheet of paper that looked like this:

"The top line is an example of a normal, healthy, awake adult brain. Below it is what your brain looks like."
Or something like that. XD Can't expect a perfect quote from me in my current state, right? (Or a perfect illustration. I'm left-handed, like Starsky up there in my icon. Sue me.)
Anyway, he says I actually have been having seizures. He prescribed me topamax, which I've heard AWESOME stuff about, like how it totally distorts your perception of time.
Hell, if it makes me believe only five minutes have passed at work and it's actually been 2 hours... I'm so fucking okay with that, you have no idea.
I had an appointment with my regular doc today, too, to get more anti-depressants. I didn't necessarily like being on them, but I notice a real difference having been off them for a while. So she asked me what was going on and I said, "Well, I've been thinking that it'd be nice if what was wrong with head was terminal and I died soon, so I wouldn't have to go to work anymore. Figured that wasn't normal."
She laughed and took out her prescription pad.
Ordered Mortal Kombat from Amazon and got it yesterday and have played to the point of blistering myself. XD So yeah, it's a good game.
The x-ray moves are brutal - worse than the fatalities in some ways - and it's just plain fucking FUN. I haven't enjoyed a Mortal Kombat game this much in a long, long time.
Also on the Mortal Kombat front, I got around to checking on Mortal Kombat Legacy on youtube and may I just say: I LOVE YOU, JOHNNY CAGE.
Then again, I've always loved you, Johnny Cage.
So...now I love you too, Matt Mullins. I want to feel your chest and smell you. <3

April 25th, 2011

So I was thinking...

joan blondell

What if whatever's wrong with my head is some new, undiscovered disease? Would they name it after me? Strecker's Disease... Or would they name it after my neurologist, for being the one to discover it? I, personally, think Strecker's Disease is better than McNutt's Disease, but then again, if the man can figure out what's wrong with me, he should have a fucking planet named after him.
On that note...well, on the note of what's wrong with me (big ass note, btw), I bribed myself into working a full shift today. I didn't put my name on the "please let me the fuck out here early today!!!!" clipboard for once. And I told myself that if I worked my full shift I could buy season one of Starsky and Hutch on Amazon. So much for saying I was gonna entertain myself with the shit I already own. XD
Seriously, though, Starsky and Hutch has to be one of the greatest things in the universe. I knew of it before now, of course, but I had no idea how fantastic it truly was until I netflixed it last week. See, Here Come the Brides = David Soul, David Soul = Starsky and Hutch, Starsky and Hutch = BEST. SHOW. EVER.
Any show that has a scene with an old lady in a porno theatre drinking from a Thermos and salting and eating a tomato while watching porn is beyond awesome. Easily worth 16 bucks, shipping included, or an hour and twenty minutes worth of wages, if we take the nature of my little self-bribe into account. LOL, now everyone knows how much I (don't) make at my job.
That's about it.

EDIT: Blow me lj, for not letting me use "<3" in my tags.

April 22nd, 2011

And I have, because when it comes to stuff that doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty good at keeping my word.
When last I blogged, I said I'd have more screens to show off the rest of the Here Come the Brides cast, namely Bobby Sherman and Robert Brown.
So, Robert Brown, AKA Jason Bolt:

Annnnd, below we have Bobby Sherman, AKA Jeremy Bolt. He's the smirky hot guy on the left, of course. XD

We also have smirky sexy (uncharacteristically, on the smirky part) Jeremy's girl, Bridget Hanley/Candy, who has maybe the most perfect facial structure ever <3:

And again, I offer a bonus, in the form of a shot where it looks like Clancey is groping Joshua. <3 Er, I mean XD. No wait, I mean T_T. No, scratch those last two emotes. I was right the first time.

Oh, and I watched one of my Joan Blondell movies, Gold Diggers of 1933. She had a decent role in the movie, yet I wish she'd been on screen more. She didn't often get the lead in movies, but I agree completely with the sentiment that she steals the scene every time. Probably why I wish she'd been in even more scenes. ^__^ Will cap that as well.
I better enjoy all the movies and whatnot that I already own, I tell you  that, because I got my bank statement today and I'm about $600 over-budget for the month. O_O Combination of Daisy's vet bills and my own medical expenses of late. And the neurologist wants me to have more stuff done. Another EEG, but this time I have to be sleep-deprived so I'll fall asleep during the test and they can check and see if my sleepy brain is fucked up or not. (The other night I woke up punching the wall and talking to myself again, so I'm gonna say YES, IT IS.) He also wants a nerve test of some sort, for my right arm and left leg, because I've had numbness in my fingers and toes on occasion.
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